Exploring New Places

Bicycling is an excellent way to strengthen leg muscles and expand breathing capacity, but it can also be used as a way of exploring new places. Many people see riding a bike as just another form of exercise, but those who have one that can go out of the house or gym can take it almost anywhere. Riding around their community can help them meet new people while they enjoy the local scenery, and they might just discover a new eatery or coffee shop as they pedal along.

The beauty of bicycling is that it can be done at a variety of speeds, so slowing down to take a good look at something new is easy. For those who find the local scenery boring, speeding past it can be an adventure as they get into better shape. They can ride past the local version of the haunted house quick enough to satisfy them that no spirits will be able to chase them away, or they can stop for a minute to see that it is just a house in disrepair.

Racks for bicycles have long been available, so exploring further away from the local neighborhood is also a possibility. Those who have gotten to the point where they need new adventures can find them in the next town over, or they could take a bike tour of the countryside. They will still get the benefit of exercise, but they will also be able to tour places they might never have found otherwise.

Learning to ride a bike is something most people do as youngsters, and few of them think of it as exercise at that point in their lives. Finding their way back to that feeling could be their ticket to a good workout, but it could also remind them of the fun and freedom they had as kids exploring the area.